The evangelisch-lutherische church "St. Martin" in Tellingstedt

This church is built in the start of the 12th century. The first note about the church parish Tellingstedt is from the year 1140. The part at the south-side of the church was built in 1726, the part of the north-side in 1755.


The pulpit is built in 1604. The altar is built in 1699 for the military-church in Tönning. After the military church in Tönning was demolished in 1744, the altar was brought to Tellingstedt.


The organ is built in 1642. At the right photo, the names of the died soldiers of the wars 1848/49 and 1850/51 are listed. 


The baptize-basin is from around 1200 - nearly 800 years old. At the right side is a photo of the houses in front of the church.


Created by: Hans Peter Voss,  Professional Genealogical Researcher

Built on: 14.April 2000

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