The Dead in the jail- and crazy-house

in Glückstadt from 1787 - 1800

By: Dr. Fritz Treichel in German / Translated into English by: E. Bügge-Wood = See additional notes at the end of the text.

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This account is a continuation of my previous work

in the 1976 yearbook 1), again only the dead are accounted for in the institution. The word "Tollhaus" is mentioned in the church book with the beginning of a period replacing the word "Irrhaus" crazy house.

Since 1799 there is only mention in the church books of a "Zuchthaus" jail. The place of residence is not always correct.

Again, I’m using the following rare abbreviations: Z-Haus = Zuchthaus (Jail), T-Haus = Tollhaus (insane asylum), S.d. = Sohn des/der (son of) T.d. = Tochter des/der (daughter of) F.d. = Frau des (wife of).....

1787, 4.I., David Friedrich Hartmeyer, Meldorf, son of: the late organist and accounting-master Paul Hartmeyer, Heiligenhafen and Margr., nee Jordtberg. Since Mar.15.1786 (5 years solid confinement for theft);

about 45 years old, his wife: Christina Margr., nee Viethuck (?) Children: Magdal. Elisab., Joh. Heinr.

30.III., "Maria Christina Stüben was condemned to death but pardoned by the: J.K. magistrate, and sent to the spinning house in Hamburg as prisoner for life, where she escaped once, but was caught the next day. When they couldn’t hold her there, the magistrate from Altona transferred her 29.Jul.1780 here as prisoner for life. Here she also found a way to escape, 10.Jan.1781, the following day she was returned and put in solid confinement, night and day. She was of a cunning and mean disposition and belonged to the dishonest. She died suddenly of epilepsia, which she often suffered from lately. Her age 39 years ". -

7.IV., Anna Margar. Struck, Rendsburg, since 11.5.1786 2 years prison, for theft; 35 years old. -

4.V., Lorenz Siehe, Rendsburg, since 22.5.1784 8 years prison, theft, 1.1.1785 escaped, 24.6.1785 caught again; 56 years old. -

9.V., Anna Doroth. Johannstochter 3), Hadersleben, since 21.JAN.1785 4 years prison, theft; a little over 40 years old. -

10.V., Anna Sophia Elisab. Mahler, Schleswig, since 18.Sep.1771 life in prison, theft; 35 years old. -

15.VII., Chrn. Rehder, Traventhal, since 24.1.1785 life in prison, arson; 66 years old. -

8.VIII., Anna Maria Schuvius, wife of dance master Schuvius, Schleswig, since 27.8.1765 life in prison, theft; 62 years old. -

12.IX., Jacob Jürgens "or called Jepp, an idiot", Gottorf, since 17.8.1787, 2 years prison; 37 years

old. -


6.X., Anna Magdal. Brügmann, Pinneberg, since 20.Jan.1760, life in prison "for having a son born secretly. On the 24.Apr.1774, born without help and later found dead, came among the dishonest on 21.Oct.1774;" 48 yrs. old. 4)-

1.XII., Doroth. Ulrici, Meldorf, widow, since 24.9.1787 prison; a bit over 40 years old.-

1788, 27.I., Hinr. Hein, Westerhorn (church district Hoernerkirchen), since 11.6.1787, 6 yrs. prison for theft; 52 yrs. old. -

6.IV., Anna Cathar. Walckendorf, Saxtorf (Schwansen), since 6.7.1786 prison; 23 yrs. old. -

18.IV., Elisabeth Christine Hanssen, Plön, since 30.5.1775 life in prison, vagrancy; little over 30. -

22.IV., David Kylling, Hadersleben, since 26.10.1780 insane asylum; 48 yrs. old. -

12.VIII., Joh. Hinr., illegitimate son of Anna Marg. Petersen; 4 mo and 19 days 5).-

19.VIII., Christina Christians, Elmshorn, since 24.7.1787 prison; a little over 40 years old. -

29.VIII., Doroth. Holst, Hadersleben, since 11.Jun.1788 "Drunkenness and unruly life" 2 years in prison; over 50 years old. -

17.IX., Joh. Matth. Job, Seestermuehe (near Uetersen), since 16.7.1787 4 yrs. in prison for theft and unruly living; 36 yrs. old. -

3.X., Eberh. Philipp Beck, Schleswig, since Oct. 1781

insane asylum; over 60 years old. -

3.XI., Matth. Iversen, Hadersleben, son of Iver Iversen, "Lügum" 6), since 3.11.1787 4 yrs. prison, for theft. His last wife: Metta Maria Jacobs, was also arrested; "no children, 64 yrs. old. -

10.XI., Joh. David Hausvoigt, son of August Fried. Hausvoigt, cantor, Heiligenhafen, and the Anna Cathr. nee Hartmeier. "He was an accomplice in the Wittmack’s case, because of perjury. On May 23,1788 was condemned to 10 years in prison;" His wife Anna Cathar. Margar, nee Maltzan, children: Cathr. Margar.; 54 years old. -

24.XI., Joh. Friedr. Klinge, Hadersleben, "retired land surveyor, serving under Danish order", since 15.Sep.1794 in the crazy-house; in his 70ies. -

1.XII., Chrn. Lorenz Schütte, Süderstapel (near Friedrichstadt), since 17.Apr.1787 prison, theft; "he was married the second time with Anna Christina Wiebke, nee Wölp [...] arrested with him at the same time. She got up to 98 years old, remarked by the abandoned widow.

1789, 8.I., "Gabriel, an idiot" Gottorf, since 4.Jul.1777 in the crazy house, 41 years old. -

8.I., Anna Margr. Callsen, Buckhagen (near Kappeln), since 26.Oct.1786 prison for life, "because of a secret birth;" 42 years old.

10.I., Niels Andersen, Hadersleben, since 11.Sep.1784 to 5 years prison; 21 years old. -

17.III., Hinr. Witt, Rantzau, since 18.Apr.1787 to 4 years in prison, horse theft; 52 years old. -

1.V., Anna Biel, Segeberg, since 8.May.1770 to uncertain time in prison, for arson; 67 years old. -

4.V., Elisab. Ritterhusen, Itzehoe, since 18.Oct.1779 crazy house; ca 40 years old. -

15.V., Metta Niels, "from Jütland", since 14.Aug.1788 2 years prison, theft; 42 years old. -

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28.VII., Jürgen Prange, Fehmarn, since 29.Jan.1788 crazy house; consumption, a bit over 40 years old. -

6.VIII., Hinr. Sellmann, Rantzau, since 1.Jun.1787 to 3 years prison, theft; consumption, 40 years old. -

7.IX., Detlev Friedr. Schussel, Lütjenburg, since 20.Oct.1772 crazy house; consumption, 47 years old. -

11.X., Conrad Degener, Itzehoe, since 11.Apr.1784 crazy house, consumption, about 40 years old. -

13.X., Johann Jessen, Lund, (near Tondern), since 8.Mar.1788 crazy house; consumption, 45 years old. -

14.X., Sören Sörensen, Hadersleben, since 27.Jun.1789 "arrested for making a stamp to produce false Bank statements", prison; consumption, 58 years old. -

25.X., Asmus Matzen, Gottorf, since 17.Jan.1787, life in prison for theft; consumption, 64 years old. -

20.XI., Peter Jacob Eggers, Garding, since 24.Jun.1786 for "diversorum criminum" [different criminal acts] 10 years prison; consumption, 53 years old. -

20.XI., Dietr. Jürgens, Osten (Cuxhaven). Since 24.Apr.1787; miliary herpes [Frieseln], about 44 years old. -

2.XII., Andreas Hinr. Schäffer, Pinneberg, since 23.Sep.1788 2 years prison "because of giving out medicine without license;" lung illness, 57 years old.

4.XII., Simon Glissmann, Rantzau, since 24.Oct.1788 3 years prison "because of cutting off the horses tails;" miliary herpes [Frieseln} 53 years old. -

18.XII., Joh. Chrn. Linau, "since 1.Oct.1789 transferred here from Neumünster insane asylum;" consumption, about 58 years old. -

27.XII., Joh. Aug. Lankow, Ahrensbök, since 7.Nov.1786 5 years prison, theft; miliary herpes [Frieseln], 22 years old. -

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1790 1.I., Maria Augusta Herrenbrodt, "from the grey cloister in Schleswig", since 7.Mar.1780 2 years prison, theft; consumption, 28 years old.-

7.I., Niels Christensen, Hadersleben, since 5.Jul.1788, insane asylum, tuberculosis, 58 years old.-

12.I., Hans Nicol. Schriever, Süderstapel, since 3.Apr.1788, "because of bad behavior imprisoned for undetermined time"; miliary herpes, about 48 years. -

14.I., Hans Nielsen, "Kollum, district Tondern" 7),

since 10.Aug.1789 "to protect the public" prison or insane asylum; miliary herpes, 45 years old. -

14.I., Joh. Hinr. Schadendorff, since 21.Sep.1789 jail; miliary herpes, 31 years old. 8) -

17.I., Berta Polle, since 31.Jul.1787, insane asylum; putrid fever, 36 years old. -

27.I., Friedr. Ferdinand Lemke, Chirurg, Altona, since 14.May.1776 jail, insulting the majesty, putrid fever, about 44 years old. 9) -

28.I., Elsabe Struck, since 1785, insane asylum, putrid fever, about 54 yrs.-

28.I., "Johann Bartel’s wife from Marne", since 20.Oct.1789, insane asylum; putrid fever, 32 years. -

7.II., Magdal. Flemmer, Garding, since 22.Sep.1786 4 years jail, insane asylum; putrid fever, 35 years.-

9.II., Gabruek Ludwig Hagen, Schleswig, since 27.Aug.1787, insane asylum; putrid fever, 35 years. -

9.II., Jürgen Kohn, since 1.Oct.1787, insane asylum; putrid fever, about 45 years. -

24.II., Maria Meisner, Rendsburg, since 1.Nov.1783, insane asylum; putrid fever, 31 years old. -

4.III., Anna Maria Hansen, Norburg, since 10.Jun.1789, life in prison, "secret birth and suspected of murdering her baby, putrid fever, 24 years old. -

14.III., Maria Cathar. Carstens, Gottorf, since 4.Feb.1785, jail or insane asylum; consumption, 59 years old. -

28.III., Joh. Preub, Kollmar, near Elmshorn, since 28.Nov.1789 "alcoholic" jail; consumption, 67 years old. -

30.IV., Jürgen Lorenz Leonhard, Schleswig, since 20.Aug.1785, insane asylum; feverish illness, 38 years old. -

1.V., Margr. Wilms, Garding, since 22.Sep.1786, 8 years jail, theft; fever, 38 years old.-

16.V., "a corporal from the local ‘Senfelder’ Regiment", since 4.Aug.1787, insane asylum, consumption, about 47 years old. -

20.V., Hinr. Kröger, Pinneberg, since 22.Jun.1784, "life in prison because of beheading his wife"; consumption, 59 years old. -

6.VI., Claus Kohn, Pinneberg, since 9.Jan.1790, 6 month jail, vagabond; consumption, 71 years old. -

13.VI., Anna Sophia Jessen, Schleswig, since 4.Aug.1789, insane asylum, consumption, 37 years. -

17.VI., Hans Peter Frölich, Schleswig, since 5.Jun.1783 "pto Furti", theft jail; consumption, 37 years old. -

4.VII., Engel Dantziger, Rendsburg, 9.Jul.1789. jail or insane asylum, consumption, 51 years old. -

25.VII., Joh. Dreyer, Pinneberg, since 22.Aug.1789 prison or insane asylum; upper respiratory illness, 48 years old. -

6.X., Anna Hinrichs, Gettorf, since 31.Jan.1787 life in prison for secret childbirth; apoplexy, 42 years old. -

19.X., Peter Christen, Hönkys near Apenrade, since 11.Dec.1788 "10 years in prison because of forgery, about 52 years old. -

5. XI., Peter Petersen, Silberstedt near Schleswig, since 24.Jun.1789 life in prison; apoplexy, 72.-

29.XI., Christina Marin Jaeger, Schleswig, since 5.May.1789 prison or insane asylum, consumption, 54 years old. -

1.XII., Hans Jürgen, Koldenbüttel near Friedrichstadt, since 8.Jan.1790 prison; consumption, 54 years old. -

13.XII., Anna Kols, Garding, consumption 24 years old.-

1791 18.III., Friedr. Saß, Horst near Elmshorn; consumption, 49 years old. -

29.III., Levi Abraham, an insane jew from Neumünster, about 45 years old. -

4.IV., Peter Knudsen, Hadersleben, was admitted here as beggar on 5.May.1789 for 4 years prison; died of weakness, 75 years old.-

10.IV., Juliana Paschen, Schleswig, since 5.May.1789 10 years prison for theft; consumption 28 years old. -

15.IV., Anna Margar. Christina "Elsabe Reitzner’s illegitimate daughter, 1 day old" 10).

21.IV., "Hans Petersen or Krüger", Gottorf; Consumption, 77 years old. -

28.IV., Detlef Schüldorff, Rendsburg; tuberculosis, 51 years old. -

13.V., Gretje Martens, Bredstedt, since 20.Apr.1791 2 years prison, for having a child with her stepfather; consumption, 29 years old. -

24.VIII., Chrn. Hinr. Steen, Eckernförde, 3 years prison for theft, consumption, 28 years old. -

25.VIII., Oluf Petersen, Apenrade, since 23.Dec.1790 1 year in prison for being a vagabond; consumption, about 56 years old. -

28.VIII., Anna Peters, Tondern, since 9.Aug.1787, in puncto crimini incendii,accused of torching, life in prison. This person turned insane;" apoplexy, 48 years old. -

9.X., Margar. Wehling, Rantzau, since 20.Nov.1790 in prison,19 years old. -

1792 - 25.II., Lena Ernsen, Pinneberg, since 29.Oct.1777 in prison, consumption, 51 years old. -

5.II., Maria Nielson, Helmstorf near Lütjenburg, since 22.May.1778 in jail; weakness, about 78 years old. -

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9.VII., Rasmus Rasmussen, Hadersleben, since 16.Sep.1791 1 year prison "for abusing a 12 year old child", about 22 years old. -

19.VIII., Jasper Delfs, Pinneberg, since 23.Jul.1791 4 years prison "for misleading two drafted husars and admitting his guilt;" infectious fever, 36 years old. -

13.IX., Kiesten (Kirsten) Palles, Lügum cloister, since 13.Jun.1790 life in prison (secret birth); breast illness, 41 years old. -

22.XII., "Died a deaf person on tuberculosis, who had been brought in from Rendsburg, without identification. Nobody could figure out where she was from, to judge by her dress, she may have been from Holland or Brabant, and when they found a rosary on her body they knew she was of catholic religion. -

Year 1793

15.I., Thord Johannes, (female) Tondern, since 27.Jul.1792 2 years jail, lung illness [had been pardoned], 62 years old. -

11.III., Eggert Ramm, St. Margarethen, near Brunsbüttel, since 29.Mar.1788 in jail for theft, consumption 26 years old. -

4.IV., Claus Johannsen, Husum, since 30.Jun.1792 insane asylum, consumprion, about 50 - 60 years old. -

3.VII., Anna Cathar. Elsabe Busch, Traventhal, was in jail for 7 years, consumption, 31 years old. -

19.VII., Maria Paulsen, was 2 years in jail, her 2nd jail term in Glückstadt, consumption, 57 years old. -

21.XI., Wohlburg Nielsen, insane, hemorrhaging. -

28.XI., Cathar. Elsabe Edler, Rantzau, was 15 month in jail, consumption, 18 years old. -

15.XII., Hartig Lindemann, since 16.Aug.1788, consumption, 41 years old. -

Year 1794

14.III., Margar. Doroth. Hildebrand, Schleswig, insane asylum, consumption, about 33 years old. -

7.VI., Tim Wohlenberg, "an insane person, he died after a lasting infection of a sclerotic chest at the age of about 29. He was from the "Larvischen Wildniss" [wilderness] and was buried in the church yard in Hartshorn" 12). -

30.VI., Engel Bohngreen, "she was transferred here from Rendsburg, in her poverty, caused by being totally crippled until she died in her suffering. She said that her and her husband had deserted from Sweden;" consumption, about 71 years old. -

8.VII., Hans Christensen, Apenrade, since 7.Aug.1791 in the insane asylum; lasting fever, almost 33 years old.

29.VII., Joh. Heinr. Todt, Quickborn, since 15.Nov.1792 in jail, stealing bee hives; water on the chest, 52 years old. -

24.VIII., Margar. Ramke, Pinneberg, born in Othmarschen, since 30.Jun.1791 life in prison for keeping a pregnancy secret;" high fever, 26 years. -

13.XII., Jürgen Fölster, Breitenburg (near Itzehoe), since 9.Sep.1793 in prison for theft; chest illnes, high fever,54 years old.

Year 1795

6.I., Hinr. Schlobbohm, Steinburg (near Krempe), since 17.Oct.1793 insane asylum "since he had to lie down all the time, was totally crippled. He seldom ever spoke, but short before his death started to speak;" hemorrhaging, 41 years and 3 mo. Old at death.

21.I., Joh. Münster, since 30.Oct.1794 insane asylum; 29 years old. -

23.I., Telsche Martens, Meldorf, since 25.Apr.1791 4 years in prison for various crimes;" running bowls and constant fever, 53 years old. -

30.I.,Margar. Hedwig Becker, Rantzau, since 25.Jul.1792 prison for theft and receiving stolen goods; lasting fever, 34 years old. -

8.II., Marx Suhr, Nortorf, since 23.Sep.1794 insane asylum; weakness, 53 years old. -

12.II., Maria Holdorff, Traventhal, since 14.Oct.1791 insane asylum, water on the chest, 49 years old. -

1.III., Hinr. Ernst Saß, since 15.Nov.1792 jail for theft of bees; running bowls, cramps, 53 years old. -

16.III., Daniel Bendix Schneehagen, since 21.2.1794 jail; dropsy-like boils, gangrene sores, about 65 years old. -

25.III., Claus Kröncke, St. Margarethen, since 23.Sep.1794 insane asylum; fever, 36 years old. -

12.IV., Joh. Chrn. Mathiessen, "an insane person who always sang)", since 26.Sep.1793 insane asylum; hectic fever, about 30 years old. -

17.V., Justina Cathar. Hahn, " she had been in prison for 25 years, mixing poison"; weakness, 60 years old. 13). -

18.V., Wibke Melchert, insane asylum; consumption, about 50 years old. -

30.V., Joach. Heesch, Rantzau, since 9.Jan.1792 insane asylum; sores 21 years old. -

6.VII., Hans Jürgen Andersen, since 18.Dec.1776 insane asylum; chest illness, 69 years old. -

28.VIII., Hinr. Fölster, Segeberg, since 3.May.1793 3 years in prison for theft, hectic fever, 33 years old.-

7.X., Sophia Margar. Wittorf, Schleswig, since 11.Sep.1795 insane asylum; 50 years old. -

22.X., Louis Samain, was called Louismin, born around Rouen in France, and was lost near Segeberg and arrested on the 9.Aug.1794, put into the insane asylum with the right hand and left foot being crippled. Constant fever, not yet 30 years old. -

12.XI., Joh. Joach. Eichstädt Burg/Fehmarn, since 22.Aug.1794 insane asylum; consumption and fever, 56 years old. -

19.XI., Hinr. Boekenhagen, Preetz, since 11.Sep.1795 insane asylum, epilepsy.-

20.XII., Anna Margar., legitimate Daughter of the imprisoned Agnetha Engel "and her in Rendsburg enslaved husband N. N. Engel". Consumption, 1 year and 9 mo. old. -

Year 1796

4.I., Ida Theden, Hanerau, since 17.Sep.1787; lung decease, almost 39 years old. -

28.II., Klaus Kröger, since 15.Nov.1794 prison, hemorrhaging, almost 40 years old. -

29.II., Jürgen Steer, since 23.Dec.1793 in prison; hectic fever, 61 years old. -

29.II., An insane woman called Regern, or maybe Schmeelen [?], "was sent to this insane asylum from Kiel on the 21.Mar.1795 and died because of such long bed rest and running sores". -

29.II.,Jacob Zeyer, soldier from Rendsburg, since 13.Feb.1796 in the insane asylum "totally mad". 37 years old. -

26.III., Karen Jensdatter 14), since 4.Jan.1795 2 years imprisonment for being vagrant; died of scurvy, 51 years old. -

27.III., Hans Hinr. Bröcker, Schiffskapitän, since 16.Jun.1790 in the insane asylum; hectic fever, 34 years old. -

10.IV., Maria Peter called Schachten, Norburg, since 23.Jul.1790 "imprisoned because of being dishonest;"  hectic fever, 53 years old. -

28.IV., Jens Chrn. Nielsen, since 3.Sep.1792 prison; old age, consumption, 89 years old. -

2.V., Hans Rosse, since 10.May.1794 jail; weakness, about 59 years old. -

10.V., Anna Elisab. Groß, since 26.Jan.1796 life in prison 15); running bowls, 82 years old. -

22.V., Metta Maria Sievers, Drochtersen Kr.Stade, since 13.Dec.1794 prison, dropsy, 29 years old. -

9.VII., stillborn son of Chathar. Margar. Eggmann 16).-

8.X., Broder Carstensen, since 25.Dec.1790 prison, vagrant, "being crippled in one hand and one foot, he was not able to work;" hemorrhaging; little over 30 years old. -

17.XI., Wilhelm Schmidt, Rantzau, insane; hemorrhaging; 31 years old. -

13.XII., Both’s wife, since 2.Oct.1795 insane. Age unknown." -

13.XII., Maria Johannsen, since 11.Mar.1796 4 years prison for theft; 34 years old. -

24.XII., Metta Struve, since 27.Oct.1796 prison; 20 years old. -

Year 1797

30.III., Cathar. Hartmann, since 1.Jan.1796 insane; 24 years old. -

4.IV., Margar. Baumann, Gravenstein, since 25.Nov.1793 4 years prison; 36 years old. -

25.V., Joh. Zander Andresen, Gravenstein, since 12.May.1795 insane asylum; 29 years old. -

12.VI., Sophia Rödt (Rodt?), "arrested on the 16.Jul.1795 for 3 acts of violations 2 years jail;" 31 years old. -

28.VI., Joh. Nicol. Dievel, since 21.Jan.1791, insane asylum. -

26.IX., Peter Nielsen, Eiderstedt, since 15.Mar.1792 10 years prison. -

3.X., "Neelsens wife, insane, 48 years old". -

4.X., "Bremer, insane, here since 1789". -

18.X., Jacob Andresssen, Hadersleben, since

10.Jul.1796 in the insane asylum. -

29.XI., Joh. Hinck, Marne, since May.1797 in the insane asylum. -

16.XII., Peter Christiansen, Augustenburg, 64 years old. -

Year 1798

5.II., Peter Krämes, Brunsbüttel, died of consumption after being in jail only 5 days at the age of 61. -

6.IV., Hans Johannsen Stange, Husum, insane; 36 years old. -

14.IV., Claus Groß, Traventhal; 37 years old. -

26.V., Anna Rebecca Elisabeth Maas, Fehmarn, 71 years.

30.VI., Carl Friedr. Daniel, illegitamate son of Birtha Cathar. Andressen; 3 T 17). -

Year 1799

23.II., Hans Hinr. Heuer, Reinbek, "since 24.Jul.1798 for the second time in prison for insanity"; 31 years old. -

23.III., Anna Christina Bruhn, Poppenbüll ‘near Garding’, "since the 10.Nov.1798 imprisoned for ½ year for having her 3rd illegitimate Child"; consumption, 37 years old. -

19.VI., Margar. Elisab. Kühne, Kiel, since 16.Dec.1798 insane asylum; epileptic seizures, 23 years old. -

Year 1800

5.II., "Axel Petersen’s insane wife from Süderhastedt [Süderdithmarschen]", insane asylum since 17.Nov.1799; 44 years old. -

18.II., "Christian Schnitger, pastor in Kathing, in prison since 1780, died of choking catarrh [Stickfluß], (he had just been pardoned)"18). -

28.II., Gabriel Peter Petersen, Schleswig, since 27.Feb.1798 in the insane asylum; consumption, 28 years old. -

25.III., Hans Reimers, Heide, since 25.Aug.1799 insane asylum, 21 years old. -

20.IV., Jürgen Burmeister, Eiderstedt, since 16.Jun.1798 in prison; 55 years old. -

8.X., Herm Dietr. Navock, Pinneberg, "since 8.Nov.1798 arrested for begging, to 2 years in prison"; died of internal obstructions, 33 years old. -

24.X., Andreas Jensen, Hadersleben, since 16.Apr.1798 in prison for 3 years, consumption, 22 years old. -

6.XII., Paul Jensen, insane asylum; 31 years old. -

8.XII., Joach. Stegelmann, Segeberg, since 28.Apr.1800 insane asylum; consumption, 44 years old. -

30. XII., Margar. Hoest, Neustadt, wife of a laborer, since 31.May.1796 insane asylum; 44 years old. -

The prison [Zuchthaus] in Glüchstadt, Holstein could hold 200 prisoners, the insane asylum, [Tollhaus] could take in 60 mentally ill. In the year 1800 there were 118 prisoners and 23 mentally ill, kept in confinement. From 1794 to 1800 the occupancy swayed between 93 and 118; the number of patients for the insane is not known 19). On the average, in the time period mentioned here, there must have been 130 people confined in the prison and asylum.

In those 14 years there were 179 registered deaths. Among the dying were 107 men and 72 women, three boys and two girls. That comes to a years’s average of 12,8 and therefore 9.8%, counting 130 institutionalized. The year of 1790 shows 31 deaths, the highest quota for the year. In 1799 only three members died. The Proportionally high fluctuations also show up in the death numbers of the three church districts, to those in the prison and insane asylum leave no comparison, in spite of it’s intensity. The most deaths in the insane asylum and prison were during winter and spring. Of those who died, 88 were prisoners and 70 were mentally ill; of 21 dead, there was no listing as to what part of the institution they belonged.

Wether the listed illnesses were always correct, cannot be proved. But it is notable that these illnesses were often brought on by the poor nourishment, uncleanliness, crowded quarters and dampness, which in those days were typically in jails and institutions. The typhoid fever [Faulfieber], could be blamed for the many deaths in 1790. It can also be said, that those type of people carried epidemic illnesses, and often were brought in already in poor health 20). Anyway, the death count was high.

The average age of the people dying during those 14 years was 44,5 years. The oldest woman was 82, the youngest 18; the oldest man reached the age of 98, the youngest only 21 years old. 21). Peter Knudsen came in 1791 at the age of 75 as prisoner and died 4 weeks later. Of only 58 imprisoned, the judgement is documented. It was between 6 months and life in prison. Of 154 prisoners, five of them had already been there over 20 years, either in prison or insane asylum, among those was Justina Catharina Hahn, +17.May.1795, she had been there over 25 years. 26 people were in prison over 5 years, but not over 20 years; 77 over one year, but not over 5 years; and 46 were there less than 12 months. Peter Krämers was only 5 days in jail when he died on the 5.Feb.1798, and Rasmus Asmussen,+ 9.Jul.1792, died 9 weeks before his discharge.

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Lately in the pastorate of Glückstadt, a funeral registry was discovered, on the back was the imprint death registry belonging to the prison, "Totenregister Zuchthaus gehörig" with only 27 registered deaths from the year 1798 to 1819, and for the 2 decades of the 19th century - only two entries, this is incomplete. Of prison entries there were only 20, (of those were 7 from the prison personnel), and of those, four in the time period: 

1798, 19.X., Peter Glüsing, Lexfähre near Tellingstedt, prison, colera, burried in the prison cemetary.

1799, 11.IX., Hans Friedrich Petersen, Rosenhof (which one?), prison; consumption, "sent to Kiel for disection (Anatomie). -

31.XII., Anna Sophia Klein, insane asylum; "to Kiel for dissection (Anatomie). -

1800, 23.XI., Matthias Schmidt, Siek, prison; consumption, "to Kiel for dissection (Anatomie). -

Notes [Anmerkungen]:

1) F. Treichel, the deaths in prison and insane asylum in Glückstadt in 1767 - 1786, 15th genealogic yearbook Schleswig Holstein, 1976 - pg. 7 - 20.

2) literal repeated entries have been normalized in punctuation.- As dishonest were "those prisoners in the old prison", labeled by the hangmen as: "cudgel soundly" ‘Staupbesen = [auspeitschen]’ and Brandmark [stigma mark]’, "and were kept in separate confinement as the others, at work, at meal time, during sleep and also in the church or when they were sick" (J.H.B. Lübkert, short ‘chronicle of the prison and insane asylums in Glückstadt’, Itzehoe 1839, pg. 9).

3) Word for word: Johann’s daughter.

4) According to the baptismal certificate (May 1774) her name is Cathar. Magdal. Brügmann and was confined since 20.Jun.1760; compare Lübkert, pg. 44 [entry 2].

5) The child born 24.Mar.1788, the mother, since 22.Mar.1778 10 years in prison for child murdering, she came from the Rendsburg district. The father of the child, Jacob Junge from Meldorf, since 23.Dec.1783 in prison for "in puncto perineii [?] and other crimes".

6) Lügum cloister, Lügumgaard, Norderlügum, Osterlügum?

7) "Kollum" cannot be located. [Kollund?]

8) By Lübkert (entry 2) it says on pg. 50: "[1787] Sept.21 Joch. Hinr. Schadendorf, 25 years old, from Pinneberg was imprisoned for life for viscously killing 11 horses, was also guilty of secret crimes".

9) Lemke escaped on 30.Jan.1784, but was cought the same day, he died in the insane asylum; compare Lübkert, pg.48 (entry 2).

10) Father of the child was Carl Herber, "who was discharged from the prison and ordered to leave the country.

11) Word for word: Jen’s daughter.

12) It is the Laurwigsche Wilderness, to-day the Engelbrechtsche Wilderness, church district Herzhorn.

13) She came from Lütjenburg, had tried to poison her husband. Was convicted to life in prison, was in Glückstadt since 21.Mar.1771. According to Lübkert pg. 46 (entry 2), was her name Justina Christina.

14) Word for word: Jen’s daughter.

15) She belonged to the district Traventhal "for her admitting to incendii dolosi to life in prison and her son Kl. Hinrich as accomplice in te crime to 10 years" imprisoned; compare Lübkert, pg. 51 (entry 2).

16) The mother since 11.Mar.1796 in prison. The father of the child supposed to be Eggert Thorn, servant, from Hütten, near Eckernförde.

17) Father of the child supposed to be the prisoner Severin Schumann "from Prussia".

18) Schnittger was from Augustenburg and was pastor from 1774 - 80 in Kating. On 2.Jul.1782, at the age of 37, imprisoned for life with ‘infamie’ without any hope of ever getting out again "in punto infanticisii dolosi, furti magni et criminis onanitici". Also in prison he did many tricks, was engaged in many evil deeds and had to be corrected with beatings." For that reason he was pardoned and to be exiled and transported to the USA and never to return to the royal states of Danmark. This was delayed until the open shipping started". ‘Compare: Lübkert, pg.49 f (entry 2)’.

19) Lübkert, pg. 10 (entry 2); A. Kuhlmann, prison and insane asylum in Glückstadt in the 18th century, Diss., Hamburg 1936, pg. 74.

20) About the sanitary conditions of the prison and insane asylum compare Kuhlmann, pg. 66 ff. (Entry 19).

21) The ages were often just guessed.


Familienkundliches Jahrbuch Schleswig-Holstein 

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