Dithmarschen Emigrants (1868-1920)

A person wanting to emigrate to another country, e.g. USA or Brazil, had to file an application to surrender his citizenship. To move within Germany to another city or county, one had to file an application to leave. For Schleswig-Holstein, such applications are available at Landesarchiv Schleswig. Such documents exist for only about 10 percent of the emigrants; 90 percent of emigrants either never made an application or the document was lost. 

A Genealogical Researcher in Dithmarschen (Mr. Jochims) has spent two years to compile this database of the Apllications for Emigration [Landesarchiv Schleswig Abt.309]. He also used some other sources to build this base; not for all persons listed here are applications of emigration available. He was able to locate about 3600 Dithmarschen emigrants. He gave his permission to publish his research results.

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I offer to order a photostatic copy of the application of your ancestor and sent that copy to you by airmail. The costs are US$60 total per application.

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