Application of Emigration (Schleswig-Holstein) 

A person wanting to emigrate to another country, e.g. USA or Brazil, had to file an application to surrender his citizenship. To move within Germany to another city or county, one had to file an application to leave. For Schleswig-Holstein, such applications are available at Landesarchiv Schleswig. Such documents exist for only about 10 percent of the emigrants; 90 percent of emigrants either never made an application or the document was lost. 

Applications list the names of the persons who want to emigrate, and usually the birth date, birth year, parents, children and wife. 

The following text is an extract from the Application for Emigration, written by Hinrich Rohweder of Maisborstel, who wanted to leave the old country and settle in North America:

English translation:

The undersigned Hinrich Rohweder, formerly a farmer in Maisborstel, Rendsburg district, took upon himself most respectively [illegible] to request permission to establish, next spring, a new dimicile with his family - for health reasons [illegible] . The children of the aforesaid suffer from consumption, which according to the advice of doctors could rest be cured by a voyage and a stay in North America. The above will gladly resign himself to this, if only he can thereby give his children their health again.

Two of the children are already perished from this malady. Hans' oldest son Jürgen, born on 7 May 1832 died at the age of 21 years; the second oldest daughter Anna Elsabe, born 2 July 1839, died as well at the age of 26 years.

There are still five remaining children, who however have also fallen victim to this scourge. Three of these are sons, of which the oldest Marx, born 4 May 1842, was drafted into the army reserve during the first Holstein conscription (1867). The second-oldest son Hinrich, born 17 Oct. 1847, qualified on 10 October 1867 for a one year term of service; but would be declared unfit at present. The most youngest son, Carsten, born 10 May 1850, is thus 18 1/ 2 years old and consequently nothing definite can be said about his bodilyy condition. 

The undersigned therefore humbly petitions the Royal High Government authorities to kindly grant him permission to undertake this journey to America. 

Maisborstel at Hohenwestedt, in October 1868 (Hinr. Rohweder)

The text represents the first of a total of 12 pages of the application.

Source: Landesarchiv Schleswig; Abt. 309; No.33097

The Transcribtion was made by Hans Peter Voss in December 99
The translation was made on 28.May 2002 by Juergen P. Schultz

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